"Knock with Me – Rock with Me"
Season 3, Episode 1
Knock with Me – Rock with Me
Air date September 23, 2012
US viewers 0.57 million
Written by David Simon &
Anthony Bourdain (story)
David Simon (teleplay)
Directed by Anthony Hemingway
Episode chronology
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Season 2
"Do Watcha Wanna"
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"Knock with Me – Rock with Me" is the first episode of the third season. It is the twenty second episode of the series overall. It was first broadcast on HBO on September 23, 2012 and drew 0.57 million viewers.[1] The teleplay was written by Executive Producer David Simon from a story he co-wrote with Anthony Bourdain. It was directed by Anthony Hemingway.

Antoine Batiste flirts with martyrdom; Janette Desautel encounters her old nemesis, Enrico Brulard, and a new suitor; Delmond and Albert Lambreaux debut their Indian-jazz album; Toni Bernette meets L.P. Everett, a new ally in her investigation of post-Katrina killings; LaDonna Batiste-Williams finds living with in-laws is its own kind of hell; Sonny is in an in-law hell of his own, and he and Linh aren’t even married; Nelson Hidalgo is barking up new money trees.


Treme area musicians organize a memorial parade for Kerwin James. Antoine Batiste arrives, perpetually late, just as the police show up. They have had a noise complaint and try to shut the gathering down. Musicians Glen David Andrews and Derrick Tabb object and try to continue the memorial by singing, rather than playing. The police arrest them leading to an angry outcry. Antoine raises his middle finger to a police officer as the crowd disperses. The police follow him around the corner and arrest him when he is away from the rest of the parade.

Toni Bernette comes to bail out Andrews and Tabb. She is surprised to find that the police have Antoine's trombone and that the others have already been released. She finds them waiting for a bus outside and tells them that they have done the impossible, shaming the NOPD. Toni tracks Antoine down and bails him out, returning his horn.

Toni brings Vincent Abreu to see Dr. Frank Minuit at the morgue, to get more information about his son's death. Minuit has been refusing to release the information to Toni. When they arrive she meets reporter L.P. Everett, who is also trying to get information from Minuit's office. L.P. comes to visit Toni to tell her that he is investigating vigilante killings during Hurricane Katrina. He asks if she has contacts in the Algiers region and she puts him in touch with her investigator Anthony King. King introduces L.P. to locals at a barbershop.

Sofia Bernette continues her work at the Coffea Cafe. Her boyfriend makes the cafe a regular hangout for his musician friends. Sofia mentions the arrests in the Treme region and they are outraged. Sofia and Toni go to their regular hairdresser Jay Cardella together and joke about her new boyfriend, who Toni has not yet met.

Antoine goes to see Andrews and Tabb play with their The Lil' Rascals Brass Band at Seal's Class Act. He is frustrated that they are getting a heroes welcome while his own arrest has gone unnoticed. His partner Desiree tells him that he cannot afford to have the arrest publicized because of his teaching position. He reluctantly compromises by heading out to the rescheduled memorial but does not talk about his arrest. Toni attends the parade and is pleased to catch a glimpse of Sofia there with her boyfriend. The police show up again, but this time provide an escort to the mourners; they really were shamed by the round of arrests.

Davis McAlary brings his friends Henry "Simply" Griffin and Toby to watch Annie play a show with her new band. He is able to catch the beginning before heading off to work at WWOZ and they agree that she rocks. Davis begins work on an opera honoring the city's musical tradition. He recruits Clarence "Frogman" Henry to help him write material. To fund the project Davis begins a tour of musical landmarks for tourists. They are dissatisfied with his sketchy history and the lack of redevelopment in the wake of the storm.

Larry Williams moves LaDonna Batiste-Williams and her sons back to New Orleans, temporarily staying with his brother Judge Bernard Williams and his wife Victorine Forneat-Williams. LaDonna chafes with her sister-in-laws middle class ways and condescending attitude. LaDonna is developing live music nights at her bar Gigi's Lounge.

Sonny is sober and healthy working on shrimp boats in the Gulf Coast area. His relationship with Linh has reached an uncomfortable routine, with her traditional parents watching them closely.

Nelson Hidalgo returns to New Orleans, trying to get back into the rebuilding industry. He visits imprisoned councilman Oliver Thomas to ensure that Thomas is not giving information to the government. Having received assurance he goes to see C.J. Liguori to get more access to rebuilding funds but Liguori insists that his links to Thomas mean that he needs to stay sidelined. Nelson refuses to be pushed aside and goes to see his contractor, Robinette, to quiz him about current rebuilding projects in the city. Robinette says that he is working for a Mrs. Mortensen, who is taking New Orleans Area Hope (NOAH) funds and having him do minor cosmetic repairs on houses. Nelson tries to introduce himself to Mortensen, but she blows him off.

Lieutenant Terry Colson tries to get assigned back to his district command post but Deputy Chief Eugene Marsden insists that he is needed in the homicide division. Colson asks Marsden to limit homicide detectives assignment to detail work, because it interferes with their investigations. Colson heads out to visit his sons in Indianapolis, Indiana. His ex-wife is disparaging about New Orleans, calling it a city of drunks and dreamers, and refuses to let the boys visit while Colson is living in a FEMA trailer. When he returns home he frets about the trailer and goes out for a Po Boy. He runs into a colorfully dressed man outside the sandwich shop and urges him to never change.

Southern night continues to be a success at David Chang's Lucky Peach restaurant in New York. Nick and Chang mock Janette that she has picked up a stalker when Tim Feeny makes repeated visits to the restaurant. Chang takes Janette to a special chefs dinner held by her old boss Enrico Brulard. The dinner is attended by several prominent chefs and Brulard is reasonably welcoming of Janette. Janette continues to sleep with her old sous chef Jacques Jhoni when she returns to New Orleans.

Delmond Lambreaux has a successful record launch for his new album in New York. His manager James Woodrow discusses his next move and Delmond states an intention to keep working in New Orleans. However, the musical elite their remain ignorant of the existence of the Mardi Gras Indian tradition. The record gets radio play on WWOZ and Albert Lambreaux is proud to hear it playing while he is working on a contracting job.


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First appearancesEdit

The following named, recurring characters are introduced in this episode:

  1. L.P. Everett - a freelance reporter who has a cause in common with Toni Bernette.


  1. Kerwin James - died off screen but memorialized twice in the episode.




  1. Khandi Alexander as Ladonna Batiste-Williams
  2. Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux
  3. Chris Coy as L.P. Everett
  4. Kim Dickens as Janette Desautel
  5. India Ennenga as Sofia Bernette
  6. Michiel Huisman as Sonny
  7. Melissa Leo as Antoinette Bernette
  8. Lucia Micarelli as Annie
  9. David Morse as Terry Colson
  10. Clarke Peters as Albert Lambreux
  11. Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste
  12. Jon Seda as Nelson Hidalgo
  13. Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary

Guest starring

  1. Sam Robards as Tim Feeny
  2. Hong Chau as Linh
  3. James Ransone as Nick
  4. Jim True-Frost as James Woodrow
  5. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Jacques Jhoni
  6. Dan Ziskie as C.J. Liguori
  7. Ned Bellamy as Vincent Abreu
  8. Valarie Pettiford as Victorine Fornerat-Williams
  9. Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Anthony King
  10. Davi Jay as Robinette
  11. Lance E. Nichols as Larry Williams
  12. Darien Sills-Evans as Darnell Nichols
  13. Phyllis Montana LeBlanc as Desiree
  14. David Chang as himself
  15. Victor Slezak as Enrico Brulard
  16. Oliver Thomas as himself
  17. Vernel Bagneris as Judge Bernard Williams
  18. Terence Rosemore as Deputy Chief Eugene Marsden
  19. Eric Ripert as himself
  20. Tom Colicchio as himself
  21. Alfred Portale as himself
  22. Wylie Dufresne as himself
  23. Jonathan Waxman as himself
  24. David Kency as John
  25. Rio Hackford as Toby
  26. Henry Griffin as himself
  27. Renwick Scott as Alcide Batiste
  28. Sean-Michael Bruno as Randall Batiste
  29. Lee Nguyen as Tran
  30. Ato Essandoh as Clueless music fan 1
  31. Susan Gallagher as Loretta Mortensen
  32. Laura Cayouette as Kay (Colson's ex)
  33. Michael Jean Dozier as Clueless music fan 2
  34. Greg Zola as Jay Cardella
  35. Isaac Watson as Peter Colson
  36. Robert Doqui as NOPD Sergeant
  37. Rob Steinberg as Mark
  38. Dalton E. Gray as Jack Colson
  39. Sam Doores as himself
  40. Carrie Lazar as Officer 1
  41. Greg Sproles as Officer Washington
  42. Torey Sutton as Officer 3
  43. David Maldonado as Officer Charlie Cantone
  44. Phil Frazier as himself
  45. Derrick Tabb as himself
  46. Scottie Swears as Sofia's boyfriend
  47. Alynda Lee Segarra as herself
  48. Glen David Andrews as himself
  49. Clarence "Frogman" Henry as himself
  50. Peter Gabb as the Ornery Cabbie
  51. David Funk as a British Tourist
  52. Jewel Grosch as American Tourist 1
  53. Toni Strasburg as American Tourist 2
  54. Julitta Pourciau as a Bulgarian Tourist
  55. Brandon Aguillard as a Young Tourist
  56. Nick Slie as Fez Man
  57. Luis Cruz as a Contractor
  58. Huey Moss II as Algiers Barber
  59. Gina Womack as Forensic Center Receptionist
  60. Herman James as Customer 1
  61. Donnell Herrington as Customer 2
  62. Rebirth Brass Band as themselves
  63. New Birth Brass Band as themselves
  64. Lil Rascals Brass Band as themselves
  65. Red Stick Ramblers as the Bayou St. John Playboys
  66. Cafe Street Musicians as themselves
  67. Kipp Believe College Prep Symphonic/Jazz Band as the Elie High School Band


  1. Treme Brass Band as themselves
  2. Unknown as the Prison Guard on Tannoy
  3. Unknown as a Gigi's regular
  4. Unknown as the Seal's doorman
  5. Unknown as Honore Antoinette Batiste


Opening credits

  1. Alexa L. Fogel - Casting
  2. Chester Kaczenski - Production Designer
  3. Malcolm Jamieson - Editor
  4. Ivan Strasburg, bsc - Director of Photography
  5. Joseph Incaprera - Episodic Producer
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  14. David Simon &
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Closing credits

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