"I'll Fly Away"
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date June 20, 2010
US viewers 0.93 million
Written by David Simon
Directed by Agnieszka Holland
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"Wish Someone Would Care"
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Season 2
"Accentuate the Positive"
"I'll Fly Away" is the tenth episode of the first season and the season finale. It is the tenth episode of the series overall. It was first broadcast on HBO on June 20, 2010 and drew 0.93 million viewers.[1] It was written by David Simon and directed by Agnieszka Holland.

Davis returns to his DJ work. Creighton's body is found and Toni is devastated. David unsuccessfully tries to convince Janette to stay, just as Sonny unsuccessfully tries to reconcile with Annie. Antoine gambles away his earnings. Albert's tribe marches on St. Joseph's night. Daymo's funeral is finally held.


Davis returns to his old job as a DJ in order to fund his full-length CD project. Creighton’s body is found, and Toni refuses to honor his wishes for a second line at his funeral. Sonny asks Annie to return to their apartment. Annie repeats her wish to play with other people, causing Sonny to leave and continue to self-destruct. Davis prepares a day to convince Janette to stay in New Orleans, but she remains unconvinced and moves to New York. Antoine loses the majority of the money earned from his latest gig in a poker game. Albert’s Indian tribe almost has a confrontation with the police, but the situation is settled by a community relations officer. Afterward, Delmond returns to New York. LaDonna still refuses to consider an independent autopsy for Daymo. Annie asks Davis if she can move in with him. Daymo’s funeral is held.




  1. Khandi Alexander as LaDonna Batiste-Williams
  2. Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux
  3. Kim Dickens as Janette Desautel
  4. India Ennenga as Sofia Bernette
  5. Michiel Huisman as Sonny
  6. Melissa Leo as Antoinette Bernette
  7. Lucia Micarelli as Annie
  8. Clarke Peters as Albert Lambreux
  9. Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste
  10. Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary



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