"Feels Like Rain"
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date May 29, 2011
US viewers 0.53 million
Written by Tom Piazza &Eric Overmyer (story)
Tom Piazza (teleplay)
Directed by Roxann Dawson
Episode chronology
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"Slip Away"
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"Carnival Time"
"Feels Like Rain" is the sixth episode of the second season. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It was first broadcast on HBO on May 29, 2011 and drew 0.53 million viewers.[1] The teleplay was written by Tom Piazza from a story he co-wrote with Eric Overmyer. It was directed by Roxann Dawson.

Antoinette dreams about Creighton. Sofia finally learns that Creighton committed suicide. Antoine fires Sonny after he continues to be late. Antoinette disovers a similarity between the Abreu murder and another case.


Toni awakens from a dream which featured her deceased husband, Creighton. Delmond invites his father to stay with him in New York, where he says he has been working on his suit for Mardi Gras and would like his father's help. Delmond shows his father the suit he has been making, and tells him it is for him to wear on Mardi Gras. Antoine continues to teach the music students about jazz music. Sofia finally finds out about her father's suicide. Annie continues to struggle with writing original music lyrics. Sonny is late for his gig with the Soul Apostles and is only paid half. Sonny is eventually fired by Antoine after his continued lateness. Davis and his band, along with the recruited Lil Calliope begin rehearsing. Janette returns to New Orleans to help Jacques who has been arrested for being in the country illegally. Toni discovers that shell casings matching the ones found from the Abreu murder match the ones from another murder. Detectives visit LaDonna and show her photos of men that have been arrested for the same crime the previous week, LaDonna easily identifies them. Colson joins Toni for a second line parade.




  1. Khandi Alexander as LaDonna Batiste-Williams
  2. Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux
  3. Kim Dickens as Janette Desautel
  4. India Ennenga as Sofia Bernette
  5. Michiel Huisman as Sonny
  6. Melissa Leo as Antoinette Bernette
  7. Lucia Micarelli as Annie
  8. Clarke Peters as Albert Lambreux
  9. Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste
  10. Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary
  11. David Morse as Terry Colson
  12. Jon Seda as Nelson Hidalgo


  1. Professor Longhair - "Go To The Mardi Gras": Bernette family at home on Mardi Gras day.
  2. Cubanismo - "Mardi Gras Mambo": Hidalgo drives and listens to the radio.
  3. P. Perry Walker Band - "Reach Out I'll Be There": Desiree needs a favor from Dr. Frasor.
  4. Louis Armstrong - "West End Blues": Batiste teaches kids about music.
  5. Soul Apostles & Henry Butler - "See See Rider": Henry Butler sits in with Soul Apostles at LaDonnas.
  6. Lil Caliope - "Teach": First band meeting at McAlary's house.
  7. Annie, Tom McDermott, Evan Christopher - "Heliotrope Bouquet": Gig at Chickie Wah Wah.
  8. DJ Davis & The Brassy Knoll - "Road Home": McAlary band rehearsal.
  9. John Hiatt - "Memphis in the Meantime": John Hiatt plays the House of Blues.
  10. John Hiatt - "Feels Like Rain": John Hiatt plays the House of Blues.
  11. Antoine Batiste with Henry Butler - "Mama Roux": Batiste sits in with Henry Butler at Howlin Wolf.
  12. Dr. Michael White - "Creole Nights": Desautel drives and listens to the radio.
  13. Rebirth Brass Band - "Take It To The Street": Pigeon Town Second Line Steppers parade / End titles.


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