"Do Watcha Wanna"
Season 2, Episode 11
Do Watcha Wanna
Air date July 3, 2011
US viewers 0.66
Written by David Simon &
Anthony Bourdain (story)
David Simon (teleplay)
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
Episode chronology
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"That's What Lovers Do"
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Season 3
"Knock with Me – Rock with Me"
"Do Watcha Wanna" is the eleventh episode of the second season. It is the twenty first episode of the series overall. It was first broadcast on HBO on July 3, 2011 and drew 0.66 million viewers.[1] The teleplay was written by Executive Producer David Simon from a story he co-wrote with Anthony Bourdain. It was directed by Ernest Dickerson.


Antoine begins to get discouraged and later quits his Soul Apostles band. Janette returns to New Orleans to see her chef released on bail and extends him some additional liberties. Janette is later offered a sweet deal to manage a new restaurant back in New Orleans—much to the chagrin of David Chang. Sonny is traded to Linh's dad's shrimp boat for the day. Lt. Colson collects the casings from a weary Toni. LaDonna prepares to sell the bar with some nostalgia. Davina, Delmond, Cheri, and James pool up $20,000 to give Chief Lambreaux as supposed royalties. Lambreaux believes them and proclaims "We gotta cut another record!". Davis learns that Alex is the new lead guitarist and Lil Calliope adds his new numbers to the second set. Toni visits an ex judge friend in prison. Nelson learns he is off the list of approved vendors because Councilman Thomas is under investigation. Lt. Colson, feigns the casings making a connection shortly before they mysteriously get lost. The Lambreuxs are invited to play the first Friday of Jazz Fest. Ladonna sees her aggressor at large, calls 911, and gets feisty. Her husband realizes she should not sell the bar and that he needs to move his practice back to New Orleans. Sonny is somber about slow leaks in the gulf but is later approved to date Linh. Jill declines storing Delmond's stuff since they are not an exclusive item. Lt. Colson turns the case over to the FBI. The same agent gets amnesia when Toni talks to them. Toni later cold shoulders the Terry at the coffee shop. Aunt Mimi gives Davis a check for his half of selling Lil Calliope to another label—less his expenses. Davis forgets his marijuana for the Jazz Fest and later does a preppy finale with his band with James Brown's "Sex Machine". Antoine learns Henry Butler chose a different trombone player to play Japan. Antoine sponsors some tutoring lessons for Robert and later coaches some of him and a select band of his fellow to play The Rebirth Brass Band's "Do Watcha Wanna". Davis can't sleep and returns to WWOZ. Sofia gets a reprieve from being grounded at the Jazz Fest. Antoine and his family get a new house. Janette gets a new restaurant.




  1. Khandi Alexander as LaDonna Batiste-Williams
  2. Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux
  3. Kim Dickens as Janette Desautel
  4. India Ennenga as Sofia Bernette
  5. Michiel Huisman as Sonny
  6. Melissa Leo as Antoinette Bernette
  7. Lucia Micarelli as Annie
  8. Clarke Peters as Albert Lambreux
  9. Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste
  10. Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary
  11. David Morse as Terry Colson
  12. Jon Seda as Nelson Hidalgo


  1. Johnny Adams - "A Losing Battle": Batiste talks to band members outside club.
  2. Rebirth Brass Band - "I'm Walkin'": Desautel and Jacques at Maple Leaf.
  3. Miles Davis - "Blues By Five": Delmond and Woodrow talk over dinner.
  4. Brassy Knoll - "Li'l Liza Jane": McAlary is usurped at BK gig.
  5. The Buzzcocks - "What Do I Get?": Desautel returns to Lucky Peach.
  6. Delmond Lambreaux & Donald Harrison et al - "Guardians Coming Through": Delmond & Donald listen to final mix in studio.
  7. Harold Battiste & The American Jazz Quintet - "Yesterdays": WWOZ plays in McAlary's house at night, Annie wakes from dream.
  8. Red Garland - "Red Beans": Delmond listens to jazz at home.
  9. The Ohio Players - "Pain": LaDonna visits Ernest's bar to sell glassware.
  10. Tom McDermott - "March of The Pony Girls": McAlary & Aunt Mimi settle up in bar.
  11. Aurora Nealan & The Royal Roses - "Indian Summer": Hidalgo at Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse.
  12. Pavement - "Summer Babe (Winter Version)": Desautel & David Chang after Southern Theme Night.
  13. Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses - "Ferry Man": Hidalgo at Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse.
  14. Deacon John - "Mama Talk To Your Daughters": McAlary & Annie arrive at Jazz Fest.
  15. Soul Rebels - "Uptown Downtown": Batiste runs into Shorty at fairgrounds.
  16. Donal Harrison et al - "Hu-Ta-Nay": McAlary & Annie watch the Indian Band at Jazz Fest.
  17. Lil' Band O' Gold - "First You Cry": Bernettes at home on porch, distant Jazz Fest music heard.
  18. Wanda Rouzan - "Where Ya At?": Wanda Rouzan plays Jazz Fest.
  19. Brassy Knoll - "(Get Up I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine": Brassy Knoll play a final gig.
  20. Vietnamese Karaoke - "Cheic Ao Baba": Sonny in a Vietnamese bar.
  21. Crowd at Brassy Knoll gig - "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)": Crowd at Brassy Knoll gig chants.
  22. Brassy Knoll - "The True": Brassy Knoll play a final gig.
  23. The Iguanas - "Oye, Isabel": The Iguanas play Jazz Fest.
  24. Lucinda Williams - "Crescent City": Lucinda Williams plays Jazz Fest.
  25. Lil Queenie - "Surrender": Desautel talks to McAlary at fairgrounds.
  26. Glen David Andrews - "Dumaine Street Blues": Music heard on Frenchmen St.
  27. Robert & his young kids band - "Do Watcha Wanna": Batiste leads the school band for a street gig.
  28. Rebirth Brass Band - "We Come To Party": Bernette & Sofia see Rebirth at Maple Leaf.
  29. Rebirth Brass Band - "Shotgun Joe": Bernette & Sofia see Rebirth at Maple Leaf.
  30. Kidd Jordan - "Last of The Chicken Wings": McAlary visits Jeffy Jeff at OZ.
  31. Louis Armstrong - "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams": McAlary guest DJs at WWOZ, montage of characters across the city.
  32. Rebirth Brass Band - "Do Watcha Wanna": End titles.


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